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Welcome to the 2019 Racing Season!

Welcome to American Sprint Boat Pro Racing Series. Our goal is to take jet Sprint Boat Racing out of the atmosphere of club racing and into a new iteration of professional racing.

As we progress into 2019 all the teams will be fit and polished. All the pit areas will be neat and clean and professional and the racing will be better than ever. Our rules for media will also tighten up so we only have professional and/or semi-professional photographers on the course, unless prior approval is received no later than 5 days prior to the event. All racing is inherently dangerous and life-threatening. Sprint Boat Racing is not an exception. The boats can reach speeds up to 100mph and can reach you in about a half second or less. That’s why you will be fully instructed on the intricacies of shooting this sport and how to remain as safe as possible.

But, ultimately you are responsible for yourself and whether instructions are followed or not, accidents happen and you can be very seriously injured or killed under the right conditions. With your assistance we will help you limit those conditions but, there are no guarantees.

You are shooting this sport at your own risk. It is advisable for you to carry catastrophic insurance in case of such an accident. And the same goes for your camera equipment. You are placing yourself at risk by choosing to shoot these races and it is expected that you will be responsible for your own insurance.

You will be hard pressed to photograph a more fun motorsports event! A fast camera (7fps or better) with a fast lens (f2.8 or better) is suggested. But, slower cameras and lenses will work just fine. For reach, it is suggested a 300mm minimum with a 100-400 or so zoom being very handy for varied shots and not having to carry multiple cameras and/or lenses.

There is a mandatory safety briefing the morning of the race at 9:00 AM SHARP. If you miss it, you will not be allowed to photograph within the fence. Please call ahead if there are problems making it to the track on-time. However, as a pro or semi-pro, you are expected to know the rules and act accordingly. At the present time we do not have a manned media center where you can check in at various times so please be on time! We will get you checked in and out shooting in no time.

At the Extreme Sports Park (ESP) we will meet at the main grandstand by the boat launch ramp at 9am with the safety crew. At Webb’s Slough we will meet at The Hill in the pit area at 9am with the safety crew.

At Port Angeles turn left, directly after entering the gate. Show your credential approval form and you will be instructed from there where to park. ESP is located at:
2917 W Edgewood Drive
Port Angeles, WA 98363

For Webb’s Slough drive directly into the track and you will be showing your credentials twice and then directed on where to park in the pit area. The track is located at:
4480 Rogers Rd
Saint John, WA 99171

Please download all the various waivers, fill them out as completely as possible and email them to within 5 days prior to the event. I will then issue your paperwork so you can enter the track, and you will receive your vest when you arrive at the tracks.


Thank you for your interest in the American Sprint Boat Pro Series and we hope your enjoy your day.

Melody Pozgay Lead Timer/ Secretary
Media Director Pro Tem
American Sprint Boat Racing
American Sprint Boat Pro Racing Series
Cell: 360-477-1479

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