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Modified Class

The Modified class can use engines up to 360 cubic inch and are allowed aluminum heads.

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Fear Not

Boat # 623
Boat Team/Name: Fear Not
Driver: Clint Birch
Navigator: Terri Lovell
Crew Chief – Bart Roberts
Crew members: Bob Hardy, Steve LeMoine, Debbie Roberts, Linda Forbes, Monty Turnidge, Ben Hogan.
Driver’s Highlights:
2019 – 3rd ASB Pro Racing Series.
Designed our own Boat using Next Level Racing Composites.
Boat Information
Length: 12′ Next Level Racing Hull.
Engine Make and Size: Dart Block 360 Cubic Inch
Pump Make and Size: Scott 8 1/4″
Sponsors: Next Level Racing Composites, Class Kustom & Auto Body, Montys Racing Repair, FST Carburetors.

400 Class

The 400 class run engines that are 400 cubic inch and use cast iron heads.

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Boat # 47 Gold Rush
Boat /Team Name: Bandit Racing
Driver’s Name: Darrin Swindahl
Navigator’s Name: Ashley Swindahl
Crew Members:
Crew Chief: Josh Hyatt

Driver’s Career Highlights: Winning 1st place in all 4 races in 2021!
Boat Information:
Length: 14′ Hull Type/Make: Brycraft
Engine Make and Size: Dart Engine 410 Cubic Inch
Pump Make and Size: Scott 8.5″ 2 Stage
Sponsors: Modutech Marine Inc., National Marine Exhaust, Honest Performances, Hull Speed Performance Coatings, Lifeline Race Products.

Boat # 156
Boat/Team Name: Bad Influence
Driver’s Name: Steven Church
Navigator’s Name: Randi Church
Team: Crew Chief – Ron Domoe, Crewmen – Jason Keith & Lisa Bowman
Driver’s Highlights: Raced competitively in the USA, New Zealand and Australia…
Boat Information
Length: 13′ 6″ Hull: Jetspeed MK3
Engine Make and Size: 408 Cubic Inch Chevrolet
Pump Make and Size: 8.5″ Scotts Pump
Sponsors: Jocko Fuel, Order of Man, Origin Manufacturing, Colbalt Computer Services, Bodyworx, Ram Trucking, Imagine Graphics, Industrial Threadworks and JetSPEED.

Unlimited Class

The Unlimited Class. The name sums it up. Any size engine and any modification along with methanol fuel.

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Boat # 35
Boat/Team Name: KIWI
Driver’s Name: Chris Munro
Navigators’s Name: Katie Munro
Team: Crew Chief – Chris Bowman, Crewman – Bill Laird
Driver’s Highlights: Raced competitively in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. World Championship Winner 2001/2002/2003
Boat Information
Length: 13′ Hull: Sprintec
Engine Make and Size: Procharged 427 Rodek
Pump Make and Size: Southern Jet 9.0″
Sponsors: Kiwi Shake & Bake, Pie-O-Neer Pies.