About ASB

ASB, American Sprint Boat Racing. We have a passion for Sprint Boat Racing and draw teams from many western states and British Columbia, Canada!

What is Sprint Boat Racing?

Sprint boat racing is a wild and crazy type of boat racing. The boats have V-8 engines that use Jet Drives to propel the boat by pumping thousands of gallons (850 gallons per second) of water to shoot the boat forward. This also holds the boat to the water with incredible force that can generate G-Forges in excess of 6 Gs in a turn.

The boats consist of a two person crew (pilot/driver and a navigator). The boat races individually against the clock through a course that consists of a series turns in channels of less than 4 feet of water.

Many of the tracks are set up for complete viewing of the course so the spectators can see the whole course. The racing is fast and very exciting with great racing and often insane crashes.

Sprint boat racing originated in New Zealand in the 80s, then became popular in Australia and then the USA. The sprint boat  is around 13 feet long. Depending on the class , the boats range from several hundred horsepower to well over 1,000 horsepower. A rollebar/cage is  fitted to the boat and strict safety standards and equipment are required. Watch a couple crashes and you will understand why.

The course has different rotations and is given out the night before for the driver and navigator to memorize. First comes qualifying and then the different cuts until they get down to the finals. The top 3 boats place.

Come check us out and you will not be disappointed!

Two of the races are at the great location of Extreme Sports Park in Port Angeles, Washington.

We are located at 2917 West Edgewood Dr, Port Angeles, WA 98683

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