Sprint Boat racing is a crazy and exciting sport! Capable of 80+ mph ...

on a straightaway and can experience up to 6 G's through a corner ...

The boats operate in roughly 3 feet of water.

The teams are given the rotation the night before to memorize.....

As you can see, there is reason for the extensive safety equipment....

The teams are like a giant family giving it their all to an awesome fan base!

Come check it out! Fun for everyone!

Teams from several different countries compete for the win! From Australia, New Zealand ...

.. The USA and Canada!

Welcome to 2022! We are excited for the new season.

We have a lot of boats from all three classes committed to a great race season.

Race 1 is July 23rd
Race 2 is September 10th

Both races will be at Extreme Sports Park in Port Angeles Washington.

We look forward to seeing all our race fans and race teams!

Congratulations to the winners on the Podium for race #2 in 2021!

Congratulations to the following teams
Birch & Lovell in Boat 850 for 1st Place in the Modified Class
Swindahl & Swindahl in Boat 47 for 1st Place in the 400 Class
Munro & Munro in Boat 35 for 1st Place in the Unlimited Class

Race results and standings updated 9/23/2021.

We had a great season and we were happy to be back at it after the challenges with COVID-19. The racing was great and the fans were fantastic. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and everyone that helped make this happen. We are now getting ready for next year.