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Extreme Sports Park

July 25th

August 22nd


Webb's Slough

August 29th



Directions to ESP


Directions to Webb's Slough




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ASB Pro Racing Series

ASB Pro Series Modified Champion

Robert Cox

ASB Pro Series 400 Champion

Doug Hendrickson
ASB Pro Series Unlimited Champion

Dan Morrison

ASB Pro Racing Series Timing and Scoring

2015 ASB Pro Racing Series FINAL Standings


ASB World Championship

ASB Modified World Champion

Dennis Hughes

ASB 400 World Champion

Doug Hendrickson
ASB Unlimited World Champion

Dan Morrison


ASB World Championship Timing and Scoring

2015 ASB World Championship FINAL Standings



In Memory - Arne Dupuis

Arne Dupuis passed away on the evening of June 19, 2015. Arne and his wife, Janelle, both were pioneers of Sprint Boat racing in the United States. Nearly every single race since its inception, and through several sanctioning bodies, it was always Arne and Janelle who were the touchstones of the sport. They were both family to many racers current and past.

Arne fought a long, hard battle with cancer, but through it all, there was always a "howdy" and/or a "good morning" when we all appeared at the track. Arne and Janelle ran the launch ramp. That was their territory and everyone, bar none, respected their direction on race day as boat after boat was launched effortlessly throughout the race day.

Just to say Arne will be missed just does not seem to be enough words to say. Arne was loved and highly respected by us all in the sport of Sprint Boat Racing and I know there is a little bit of all of our hearts that are missing because of Arne's passing. I feel privileged and blessed to have known him and able to call him a friend. I will miss you, friend. Rest in Peace.




April 27, 2015

The American Sprint Boat Racing (ASBR) executive team announced today they will be sanctioning and hosting the first annual ASB World Championships in 2015. The inception of the World Championships has been in the initial planning stages since the origination of the ASBR in 2013.

In interviewing Dan Morrison and Doug Hendrickson today, of the ASBR executive team, Dan commented, "In addition to elevating sprint boat racing in the United States to the professional level, it has always been a goal of the ASBR to bring an affordable world class championship for all the countries that participate in our quickly growing sport." "Our team is focused on providing the most affordable, professionally managed series in the world and announcing our plans for the 2015 World Championship at this time is essential for the race teams to properly plan for these events," Doug Hendrickson added. >> READ MORE









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